Section Staff

Name Position Phone Suburb State Country
Maurice Miranda Director
Ken Honeker Director Liaison
Roberta Vitelle Treasurer
Robert Strand Coach Administrator
Earl Mente Coach Trainer
Ronald Sakamoto Referee Administrator
Ramdas Lamb Director of Referee Instruction
Charlie Brown Director of Referee Assessment
Cathy Sawada Management Administrator
Julie Pucket Section CVPA & Section Mtg Coord
Sheila Fulgoni Secretary & Auditor
Wink Whitaker Section Developer & Section Staff (VIP Coordinator)
Maynard Pang Section Tournament Administrator
Kent Goya AYSO Kirk Banks Tournament Director
Rob McCarthy AYSO Rainbow Tournament Director
Steve Morihara Section Staff (Spring Coordinator)
Frank Baumholtz Section Staff (High School Coord)
Fuku Puckett eAYSO Administrator
Jacques Bargiel Webmaster
Clyde Asato Section Staff (Extra Coordinator)

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