Fall Season

Area Game Schedule

2015 U19B FALL Schedule Vers 5

U14 Boys 7_E Fall 2015_8_28_15

U14 Girls 7_E Fall 2015 Rev-C

Field Preparation - Regions are responsible for the painting of fields and providing field equipment such as goals, nets, and corner flags on game dates.
Field equipment set-up should be unlocked/dropped off 1 hour prior to first game of day. Both teams of the first game, should help in setting up the goals, nets and corner flags. Both teams of the last game of the day shall assist with the breakdown of fields, unless instructed otherwise.

Referee Assignment - Each team is responsible to supply a qualified referee crew for their assignment.

Game Cards - Coaches shall be responsible for completing their game cards to include Region name, coach's name, date, time, field location and home or visitor status prior to submittal to game officials. Recording of player substitutions by quarters shall be completed by the officiating team only. Game cards should be passed on to next referee team. Last ref team at each field to mail game cards to Scheduler/Assignor. You may send digital copies if you prefer i.e. legible photo or scanned image.

Game Results - Both coaches are responsible for e-mailing game results (score, cautions, etc.) to Scheduler/Assignor by Sunday night. Weekly results will be e-mailed to all coaches,Area Directors and Regional Commissioners by Wednesday Night.

Other Notes - Home Team to provide game ball, choose side of field, wear pinnies if there is a color conflict and provide referee team water. Contact Scheduler/Assignor if you have any questions.

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