Section Staff Meeting 08-11-2013

Section 7 planning meeting Agenda Aug 11 Ohana Airport Hotel - Honolulu

The Agenda for Section Planning meeting on Aug. 11 is attached.   The meeting is for Executive members, RRA, RCA, ACA,ARA and Section Staff.   Neighbor island Executive members and corresponding staff will be subsidized by the Section.   Fill in the attached reimbursement form, attach receipts and the Section Treasurer, Roberta Vitelle, will be able to issue your reimbursement at the meeting.

We need a head count for lunch.  Please RSVP by Aug. 5 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Download and review following documents

AYSO June 2013 SAR Report  
AYSO Reimbursement 2012  
Section 7 meeting 2014 Agenda Template  
Section 7 mtg 2014 notes on planning agenda  
Section 7 mtg 2014 workshops descriptions  
Section 7 Planning Calendar rev 7.13  
Section 7 planning  meeting agenda 8.12  
Section 7 SHSL Oahu report 2013  


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