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Summer League


The purpose of this league is to give players in high school an opportunity to play and get exposure to high school level play in a non-competitive and fun environment.  This will allow them to also introduce themselves to their schoolmates and develop team unity.  The league will be a recreational--developmental league open to all high school teams, with no standings, and fair play a requirement. all games shall be conducted in accordance with the following guidelines or rules.

  1. Current FIFA laws of the game and decisions of the International Board.
  2. AYSO National rules and Section 7 rules and regulations.
  3. High school substitution and ejection rules  apply,  unless  noted

League Director

The League Director will have complete jurisdiction over all games played during the season.  All disputes will be resolved by the Director, with the concurrence of the Section Director. The Director is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . He can be reached at 456-3007 or (wk) 487-5596.

More details about the Summer League rules can be found in the following document.

Additional information