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The AYSO Very Important Players (VIP) Program provides a quality soccer experience for children and adults whose physical or mental disabilities make it difficult to successfully participate on mainstream teams. VIP teams may include:
• Blind or visually impaired
• Amputees or with conditions that impair mobility
• Mentally or emotionally challenged
• Autistic
• Down syndrome
• Cerebral Palsy


2013 Section 7 Annual General Meeting (SAGM)

Service Award for Cori (Region 48 - Diamon Head)

Section Meeting 2013 Service Award for Cori

Wink Whitaker (VIP Coordinator), Cory, Maurice Miranda (Section Director)

Cori, Maurice Miranda (Section Director), Wink Whitaker (VIP Coordinator)

Click on Regions listed below to find VIP programs:  

Region site Contact
  Kailua - Waimanalo - Region 100   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , VIP Program Coordinator
  Diamond Head - Region 48   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , VIP Program Coordinator

VIP Goals

These players are Very Important Players in AYSO. We recognize that all people need to feel a sense of belonging and acceptance. The VIP Program offers that acceptance and carries our philosophy of “Everyone Plays” to new heights - giving everyone a chance to play. Special schools and programs can be isolating, so the VIP Program has been structured to integrate these players into the rest of AYSO by providing a soccer season, and in some cases, using "buddies" - able bodied helpers - to assist players who need assistance, both on and off the field. Our goals for every participating player are:
• Have fun playing soccer
• Understand the fundamentals of the game
• Learn teamwork and fair play
• Increase positive self-esteem
• Become more physically fit
• Meet and be comfortable with new people


VIP History in Hawaii

Region 113 (Kaneohe) was the first Hawaii region to start a VIP program in 1991. These early games were played in a gymnasium to control the playing environment. In 1995, Region 48 (Diamond Head) started a program which took the VIP game to an outside soccer field, which increased the visibility of the program, as well as, provide an atmosphere just like a typical soccer game. VIP games are a fan favorite and have grown considerably over the years. Here’s a list of Hawaii AYSO regions that currently have VIP programs:

R48 – Diamond Head
R100 – Kailua - Waimanalo
R119 – Mililani
R178 – Honolulu
R269 – Leeward
R818 – Upcountry Maui
R892 – West Maui
R940 – West Kauai
R941 – East Kauai

VIP helps more than just the players. Buddies and other volunteers increase their appreciation and understanding of individuals with special needs. They find their lives greatly enriched by their involvement with their new VIP friends. For parents thinking they would never see their children playing a sport or making new friends, VIP gives them joy and hope. They are able to relax and enjoy watching their children having fun like other kids, perhaps for the first time.
Teams can have as few as three players and may be co-ed. VIP teams can be put together with players who register based on mobility or ability. Older and younger players can also be separated onto different teams when numbers allow.


For additional information, please contact the Section 7 VIP Coordinator:

Wink Whitaker - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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